The Best Web Development Tools In 2016

The Best Web Development Tools In 2016

Successful web development is a lot about keeping track of the novelties and following the trends. God web developers are those who know plenty of techniques and know how to use the tools, but also keep track of the novelties and keep pace with this fast changing world. Therefore, we bring you some of the most useful web development tools in 2016. They will make web development easier for you, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert in this field.


jQuery is a useful tool for every front-end developer. It is a set of user interface interactions, widgets, various effects and themes for JavaScript.

jQuery will be helpful no matter if you need to build an interactive website or you only need to add some features on the website you are building. It will save your time and provide you with many useful resources.


Backbone.js is a useful tool to help you create structure of web applications. It provides a series of models with key-value binding.

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It has custom events, views with declarative event handling and rich application programming interface (API). It helps you connect all the features with your existing API.


This tool makes it faster and easier to parse, validate, manipulate and display dates and hours in JavaScript. It provides codes for date formatting, relative time, calendar time and multiple locale support, which will save you some time in developing a code for the website.


FrameworkFoundation provides you with a group of front-end frameworks. You can use them to create responsive and well designed websites that will be accessible from any platform and device. It allows you to design websites, emails and apps, with plenty of features available and more of them added all the time. Foundation gives you a wide range of readymade tools and frameworks, but they are completely adaptable and you can customize them as you want.

Semantic UI

This is a tool that helps you create natural and responsive website with human-friendly HTML. With this tool, you will create beautiful and responsive websites, useful and accessible on all sorts of devices.


You can use it alongside other frameworks, since it has integrations with a few of the most used ones. You will get ready made codes and syntax from natural languages, but you can modify them as you please.