You wonder who stand behind Kmeckstein 

Meet our team of experts

 John Kena, Java Developer

Is in charge of developing Java content on your website. He is skillful and fast, and he will make sure that the website runs smoothly and that everything is in place. He has years of experience in IT and always keeps learning and improving his skills.


Martin Hartway, PHP Developer

Is a skillful programmer in charge of writing clean and well designed code for your website. He graduated from Harvard and has lots of experience and knowledge in the area of IT and programming. He is in charge of developing your website so it is operable and reachable online.

Mark Geller, Front-End Developer

Is a talented IT expert specialized in front-end web development. He will make sure that your website is well built, thoroughly tested, bug-free and fully functional before published online. With his help, you can be sure that your website will be fast, responsive and suitable for your clients. 


James Smith, Web Designer

Is a talented artist specialized in web design. He graduated from Nevada and has rich experience in designing layout for all sorts of websites. With his help, you can be sure that you will get the website with layout that will accord with your preferences and your company’s style.

Aaron Dallas, Digital Marketing Expert

If you want your website to reach as many customers as possible, Aaron is the man. He is a marketing expert with years of experience in various marketing areas. He is dedicated to online marketing and he will make sure your business reaches its target clients online.


Walter Coben, SEO Expert

Will make your website optimized for search engines and help you reach even more potential clients. He is specialized in Search Engine Optimization and he will make sure that your website is easy to find by the relevant target group and that it is visible on Google’s first page.