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Tips For Completing The Web Design Project Faster

Tips For Completing The Web Design Project Faster

Good web design takes a lot of knowledge, effort and certainly a lot of time. However, there is nothing wrong about speeding things up a bit. We are not talking about doing a poor job, but about organizing better so you can have more free time and deliver the work within the agreed timeframe. We will give you some tips how to do it and make your design process faster and more efficient.

Good organization

Good organization does a large part of the trick if you want to speed up the design process. This involves a couple of things. First, you need to manage the files properly. This means that you should choose a naming convention understandable to you, and to your colleagues if you work in an agency. You should stick to the chosen convention, because this way you will find the files more easily.

You should also consider the best storage and backup options. This will enable you to access the files more easily and much faster, and it will save you a lot of frustration.

Organization also implies organizing your time. Before you start working on a project, you need to make a list of everything you need to do for the project. Feel free t go into details and write whatever comes to your mind. Then, organize the tasks according to the priorities and the order in which they need to be done. Last, decide how much you will do each day and make sure to stick to the list. Be realistic and give yourself the daily amount of work you know you can handle.

Additional tricks to speed things up

3-best-web-design-trend-tips-for-designers-in-2015-1-1Organizing your files and your time helps you speed up the design process and makes it less frustrating and more efficient. Still, there are some additional tricks you can use to make yourself faster, more productive and more efficient when working on a web design project.

First of all, you should make priorities and decide what needs to be done first. Once you do it, make sure to really do these tasks before anything else. Avoid procrastination, because it prolongs the time you need for finishing the project, it makes you slower and more frustrated. Do the difficult and more boring tasks first. This way, you will have the remaining time to do the tasks you enjoy and that do not pose any problems for you.

When you work on a project, organize the time by dividing it into periods for work and periods for rest. Determine 45 minutes for work, do the best you can during this period, and then take a 10 minute break. Make several short breaks during the working hours, and also one longer one (30 minutes) to have lunch, relax and prepare for the rest of the work.


Last, but not least, make sure to maintain your hardware in perfect condition. This will disable your computer from slowing the system down and thus allow you to work faster and much more efficient.

Tips For Building A Successful Website

Tips For Building A Successful Website

You have probably heard a joke that if you are not online, you do not exist. However, there is some truth to this. Nowadays, if you want to promote your business or yourself, it is important to be present in the online world. One of the key steps towards this is building a website that will tell everything about you or the business you want to promote.

The characteristics of a good website

“Good website” may seem like a vague term. Many people think that it is a website that looks appealing. However, there is more to making a good website. Of course, design matters, and it needs to be neat. In addition to this, the colours and the style should match the visual identity of your brand.


Other than visual appearance, the website needs to be user-friendly. This means that it needs to be easy to navigate and provide all the necessary information in logical places and logical order. What’s more, it needs to be easy to use not only on PC, but also on mobile devices.

Searchability is another important characteristic of a good website. This means that it needs to be optimized for search engines, so that your target audience can get to your site more easily. You can achieve it through high-quality and carefully done SEO.

There are a few steps towards creating a website that contains all these elements and shows your business in the best light. The developers should follow them one by one in order to make the best website for every client.

Making a plan

Every project starts with a plan, and the same goes for creating a website. You need to think about the sections, categories and the number of pages you want the website to have, as well as colours and fonts you want to use. This will give you a preview of how the website should look like and make the process of website building faster and more efficient.

Layout designKeyword analysis

If you want to get your website in the Google search results, you need to use appropriate keywords. You can access the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, enter around 5 keywords relevant for your business and choose the relevant related keywords.

Reliable web hosting provider

Success and accessibility of the website depend on the web hosting provider. Do not go for the cheapest option, because it may turn out harmful for the accessibility of the website when it starts making traffic.

Suitable layout

Web designers should choose good layout for the website, either by using a template or creating the website from scratch.

Unique and high quality content

The content should be well written, unique, interesting and relevant for the business you promote. Use the keywords from the keyword analysis and incorporate them into the content to make it more searchable and relevant.

Building the website

When you build a website, you must not forget to install the necessary extensions or convert web template into website.

Testing and removing mistakes

When you are finished with building a website, you need to test it thoroughly, check all its functions and remove any mistakes that may have occurred. After this, the website is ready for publishing.

The Best Web Development Tools In 2016

The Best Web Development Tools In 2016

Successful web development is a lot about keeping track of the novelties and following the trends. God web developers are those who know plenty of techniques and know how to use the tools, but also keep track of the novelties and keep pace with this fast changing world. Therefore, we bring you some of the most useful web development tools in 2016. They will make web development easier for you, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert in this field.


jQuery is a useful tool for every front-end developer. It is a set of user interface interactions, widgets, various effects and themes for JavaScript.

jQuery will be helpful no matter if you need to build an interactive website or you only need to add some features on the website you are building. It will save your time and provide you with many useful resources.


Backbone.js is a useful tool to help you create structure of web applications. It provides a series of models with key-value binding.

Image of dev application

It has custom events, views with declarative event handling and rich application programming interface (API). It helps you connect all the features with your existing API.


This tool makes it faster and easier to parse, validate, manipulate and display dates and hours in JavaScript. It provides codes for date formatting, relative time, calendar time and multiple locale support, which will save you some time in developing a code for the website.


FrameworkFoundation provides you with a group of front-end frameworks. You can use them to create responsive and well designed websites that will be accessible from any platform and device. It allows you to design websites, emails and apps, with plenty of features available and more of them added all the time. Foundation gives you a wide range of readymade tools and frameworks, but they are completely adaptable and you can customize them as you want.

Semantic UI

This is a tool that helps you create natural and responsive website with human-friendly HTML. With this tool, you will create beautiful and responsive websites, useful and accessible on all sorts of devices.


You can use it alongside other frameworks, since it has integrations with a few of the most used ones. You will get ready made codes and syntax from natural languages, but you can modify them as you please.

Most Common SEO Myths

Most Common SEO Myths

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a component of website building that should not be omitted by any cost. However, many people still believe in a number of myths about SEO and fail to incorporate it into their website. We will give you some of the most common SEO myths that are still present, and the reasons why you definitely should not trust them.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is what makes your website understandable for users. But maybe more importantly, it makes it understandable for robots. This means that a properly optimized website will be much easier for search engines to find, which means more visits by specific target group of users. Furthermore, this can mean more potential customers and a better promotion of your business and your work.

Despite the obvious and proven benefits of SEO, many people still believe in myths about it. Here are some of the most common myths, and the reasons why you should not trust them.

SEO does not work

This is one of the most common misconceptions about SEO. But the truth is that it does work. Almost 50 percent of customers find the website to do their purchase by using a search engine and appropriate keywords.

This means that, if your website is properly optimized, you are likely to gain more potential customers who are looking for what you offer.

I do not need SEO

As mentioned above, almost 50 percent people make the purchase by finding a website through search engines. This means that good SEO will attract more visitors to your website and help you promote your business on the Internet. If you think you do not need it, than you let your competition reach the customers that could have been yours.

SEO is too expensive

seo-takes-expertiseSEO involves a lot of complex tasks and techniques: research, finding relevant keywords, optimizing the website and so on. If you want to get it done properly, you need a professional and yes, it will cost you. But once you do it, it will boost your business and give results for a long time. Compare it with cost of online advertising you need to pay regularly, and you will realize the true cost and value of SEO.

SEO can be automated

Even though there are loads of offers for automated SEO – it cannot actually be automated. It is a spammy practice that can do more harm than benefit to your website. Good SEO needs to combine human resources, toolkits, careful planning and high-quality content.

Image optimization is unnecessary

No matter how advanced search engines are, they cannot recognize what is in the photo unless you give them some textual description.

optimization image

This means that search engines will not give results of your images if you do not optimize them by including tags, keywords and proper description.

Mobile optimization is unnecessary

Did you know that Google includes mobile-friendliness of websites in their ranking factors? Just think how many times a day you use your phone to search something online. The same goes for Internet users all over the world. If the website is not easy to use on the mobile device, the customer is five times more likely to leave.

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